Overview of Remote Mainframe Development

Enterprise Developer for z Systems enables users to edit, compile and execute jobs directly on the mainframe all directly from within the Eclipse IDE. It also allows you to model your mainframe development process directly into Eclipse without the need for custom Java plug-in development. This functionality is provided by the following additional components:

is a z/OS server program that allows Enterprise Developer users to develop directly on the mainframe. The z/Server is a mainframe-started task which needs to be installed on your mainframe to enable remote development on the mainframe.
z/Server is now installed as part of the Mainframe Access Server installer. Existing customers need to perform a full Mainframe Access Server installation in order to update to the latest version of z/Server.
Two manuals are provided with this product help to assist you with the z/Server installation - see Related reference:
  • Mainframe Access Installation Guide - see Configuring z/Server feature support
  • z/Server Messages and Diagnostics
Application Workflow Manager
is available within all Enterprise Developer variants and provides all the capabilities and tools to develop and maintain Application Workflow models. These models allow you to integrate tools and processes directly into Enterprise Developer.
You can use the Application Workflow Manager with the following products:
  • Enterprise Developer - the Enterprise Developer setup file automatically installs the Application Workflow Manager.
  • IBM Developer for z Systems (IDz) - see the topic Installing Application Workflow Manager into IBM Developer for z Systems (IDz) in this product help. This requires that Enterprise Developer Connect is installed and licensed.

The following manuals are provided with this product help to assist you with using and configuring the Application Workflow Manager component:

  • Workflow Manager Modelling Guide
  • Workflow Manager Troubleshooting
  • Workflow Manager Messages

For training about how to use a workflow modeller, contact Micro Focus Professional Services.

Enterprise Developer for z Systems is compatible with IBM System zEC12 mainframe hardware and later.