This standard run-time function displays the help message, if any, that you defined for a field/control. It allows you to display, rather than re-create, existing help messages in situations other than those involving user input. (Help messages are displayed automatically when the Help key is pressed during user input.)

SHOW FIELD HELP displays the message, waits for the operator to press any key, erases the message, and then returns control to the application program.

Required Parameters

The application program must set the name of the field/control for which the help message is to be displayed in RMP--FIELD-NAME. No occurrence number is required, even for fields/controls with multiple occurrences, as the help message applies to each occurrence.


Status value Description
0 The function executed successfully.
1 The field/control name is invalid.
5 The panel is not in this library
6 The library does not exist.
12 Help message is not defined.
14 A COBOL input/output error was encountered on the panel library during execution of this function. To determine the exact nature of the I/O error, use the C$RERR subprogram.