COBOL JVM Application and COBOL JVM Remote Application

Use these debug configuration to control debugging of Java Virtual Machine applications. COBOL JVM Remote Application refers to JVM applications developed on a remote machine.

The options are:

COBOL Project
The project that will be used to locate the program source while debugging.
Main class
The class to be used as the main Java class. When you click Search you can choose a class from a list of those in your application. Select Include system libraries when searching for a main class or Include inherited mains when searching for a main class to show additional classes in your workspace.
Stop in main
Select this if you want the program to stop in the main method when the program is launched in debug mode.
Connection Properties (COBOL JVM Remote Application only)
The properties used to connect to the remote host when the debug configuration is launched. As the remote host connection details are already known, you cannot update the remote host name, but you can change the port on which to debug and the location of your X Server implementation:
Specify the port on which the Java debugger will start on the remote host
If you want to specify a specific port, select this option, then enter the port number in the Java debug port field.
Use X Server
This option is not configurable for COBOL JVM applications.
X Server (DISPLAY)
The identifier for the X Server that will display the remote program output on your local Windows machine. This defaults to client machine name:0.0.
Before debugging, make sure that the X Server is running and that the remote machine xhost configuration has the correct access permissions. You can use the xhost + command to add your host or user name to the list of those permitted.