Stopping Mainframe Access

Stop Mainframe Access by issuing the following z/OS STOP command at a system console or using the TSO/ISPF SDSF command facility:


Here is an example that shows the messages displayed during shutdown. The stop command is issued only for Mainframe Access, the Mainframe Access server. Mainframe Access issues an internal stop command for MFAS, the application server address space for Mainframe Access Data Connect that was defined in the SERVERS member and started automatically by Mainframe Access. MFAS ends first and then Mainframe Access completes its shutdown processing.

04:50:44.70 XXXXXXXX 00000290  P MFA                                                             
04:50:50.72 STC01318 00000090  MFMDS005I DSS Server shutdown                                               
04:51:01.02 STC01318 00000290  P MFAS                                                       
04:51:01.03 STC01319 00000090  MFA112I.MFAS.MFAFSQ00 / VTAM PROCESSOR HAS TERMINATED        
04:51:02.04 STC01319 00000090  MFA317I.MFAS.MFDSTART / HAS BEEN TERMINATED                  
04:51:02.06 STC01319 00000090  IEF404I MFAS - ENDED - TIME=04.51.02                         
04:51:02.06 STC01319 00000090  £HASP395 MFAS  ENDED - RC=0000
04:51:12.54 STC01318 00000090  MFM0011I: Mainframe Access shutdown completed                   
04:51:12.59 STC01318 00000090  IEF404I MFA - ENDED - TIME=04.51.12                          
04:51:12.60 STC01318 00000090  £HASP395 MFA   ENDED - RC=0000