Project Builder preferences

Specify what should happen with your projects during a build:

Delete user files in output folder
Specify your preferences for receiving a notification when Eclipse attempts to delete any user files in the output folder.
Delete build artifacts in output folder when project settings change
Changing a project's settings would trigger a rebuild of the project. Specify whether Eclipse should prompt you before deleting any existing build artifacts.
Dependency paths
Configure the behavior when adding new directories to the dependency paths required when resources outside of your project structure are used.
Automatically add new directories to dependency paths - determines if directories are selected by default when they are added to the dependency path.
Insert to the beginning of dependency paths list - new directories are added to the top of the dependency paths list (that is, they are searched first).
Append to the end of dependency paths list - new directories are added to the end of the dependency paths list (that is, that location is searched last). [8]
Build triggers
Disregard changes to output folder - check this if any changes to the contents of the output folder should not trigger a build.
Multi-processor compilation/linking
Native COBOL only. Specify the maximum number of concurrent compilation or links. On multi-CPI machines, this enables you to achieve a faster parallel multi-processors of multiple files.