Creating a Filter to View Jobs

The Remote System view allows you to view mainframe datasets, USS files and JES spool items, based on customized filters. The JES Explorer applies filters for jobs in the Spool, based on a mainframe ID. All filters respect the RACF rules you have defined on your mainframe.
  1. In the Remote Systems pane, expand the entry for your mainframe.
  2. In the JES Explorer, create a new filter:
    1. Right-click JES Explorer, point to New and click Filter.

      The New Filter screen appears.

    2. Enter a filter string in the format shown below, substituting MYUSER with your job name prefix .

    3. Enter a name for the filter (for example My Jobs), and then click Finish.
  3. From the JES Explorer, expand the My Jobs filter. A list of jobs in the Spool that are under your jobcard name (mainframe ID) appear.

    Double-clicking on a job enables you to browse the complete job. Expanding a job and double-clicking on a job enables you to browse the job part.

  4. Double-click on a job part. The output appears in the editor.

  5. It is possible to display the jobs in a table view and to refresh the job status periodically. To do this, right-click on the job filter My Jobs and select Monitor. A table view opens, displays the jobs and allows you to define a poll configuration.

    You can create as many filters as you need to allow you to view different jobs on the mainframe.