Micro Focus Builder preferences

The settings you specify on the Builder preferences page (Window > Preferences > Micro Focus > Builder) enable you to configure how building works in Eclipse and apply to all projects.

Default Platform Target
Specify if the program should be compiled as a 32 bit or 64 bit version. This will depend on platform support and your requirements.
COBOL indexer options
Specify whether the IDE should detect copybook usage within your COBOL programs. This information is used by the Copybook Dependency view.
  • Enable indexer - enabled by default.
    Warning: Disabling this option can have undesired side-effects, such as stopping incremental builds from noticing changes made to copybooks, or causing the 'find references' feature to not discover all data item references when invoked from a copybook that is used by multiple programs.
Console output
Specify whether to limit the number of characters in the notifications in the Console view. Using an unlimited or a very large buffer can affect build performance.
  • Limit console output - enabled by default.
  • Console buffer size (characters) - set to 80000 by default.
COBOL JVM options
  • Package to subdirectory matching - By default, this specifies that each part of the package name corresponds to a subdirectory. Enabled by default, and also always enabled for Maven projects. This setting can be overridden in the JVM section of the build configuration of a COBOL JVM project.