To debug on Enterprise Server

  1. Prepare for debugging, see To prepare for debugging on Enterprise Server.
  2. Click Run > Debug Configurations.
  3. Create a new COBOL Enterprise Server configuration.
  4. If you are debugging a Web Service, on the General tab and in the Debugging type section, on the Web Service tab enter the IP address of the client that makes the service request.
    • Alternatively, enter the fully qualified name of the service. This is formed by taking the name of the service and appending a pound or hash character (#) followed by the name of the operation that you want to debug. For example, if the service name for the web service that you deployed is, and the operation to debug is Read, the fully qualified service name is:
    • To prevent the debugger from being suspended for all transactions except breakpoints, optionally check Only stop on breakpoints under Debug Options on the General tab.
  5. Click OK .
  6. Start the Web service or the application you want to debug on the enterprise server region. The way you do this depends on the type of application, for example:
    • For a Web Service, run the client program and enter some input to trigger the service. It is not possible to run the client module from within your debug session. However, if the client program is also part of a different project than the one that you are debugging, you can start another debug session, open the client project and run the client module.
    • For a CICS application, start a TN3270 terminal session and run your transaction.

      If you have Micro Focus Rumba+ Desktop installed, you can run the application in a mainframe session of Rumba+ Desktop, or in the Rumba+ Desktop Mainframe Display view within the IDE.

  7. Step through the application in the usual manner. When the debugger reaches the exit program statement and no line is highlighted, the service or the application exits. The debugger now waits for the next matching service or application to start.
  8. When you have finished debugging, click Run > Terminate . If specified in your Enterprise Server preferences, when closing the project it will stop and delete the enterprise server used to debug the application.