This utility function instructs the RM/Panels run-time system to begin a polling process, during which the EXECUTE EVENT standard run-time function will report a polling event to the application program whenever a specified amount of time has elapsed.

At first this might seem similar to the time-out event that is available for fields/controls, but the time-out interval is relative to the time at which the field/control gained keyboard focus. The polling interval is relative to actual clock time.

The polling event is reported only by the EXECUTE EVENT standard run-time function and is subject to limitations. Internal processes of the RM/Panels run-time system are not interrupted to report the event, therefore, the polling event is reported as soon as possible after the polling interval has passed. You should allow for some delay in receiving these events. It would be unwise to count polling intervals to determine total elapsed time, especially when a very short polling period is set, as some could be missed.

Required Parameters

RMP--POLLING-INTERVAL must be set to the polling interval in seconds. The value must be in the range 1–999999.