JVM COBOL Passing Java Instances to Native Procedural COBOL

You can pass Java instances to native procedural COBOL application using the com.microfocus.cobol.lang.JObject interface. The interface retrieves the object as a pointer, which requires that you use a Java JNI method.

In the following example, the myclass instance is passed to native COBOL:

 class-id. myclass implements type com.microfocus.cobol.lang.JObject.
 method-id. invokeMe.
   display "Hello from invokeMe method".
 end method.

 method-id. main static public.
 local-storage section.
 01 myclass-instance type myclass.
 procedure division.
   set myclass-instance to type myclass::new()
   call "natsub" using by value myclass-instance
   stop run
 end method.

Then, native COBOL invokes the invokeMe method.

$set ooctrl(+p) ooctrl(-f) dialect(iso2002) mf warning(1)
 identification division.
 program-id. natsub as "natsub".
            class javasup as "javasup"
            class cls-myclass as "$java$myclass".

 working-storage section.
 01 myclass                   object reference cls-myclass.
 linkage section.
 01 myclass-jptr               pointer.
 procedure division using by value myclass-jptr.
    invoke javasup "getCOBOLObject" using myclass-jptr
                      returning myclass

    invoke myclass "invokeMe"

    invoke myclass "finalize" returning myclass