View the contents of a catalog item

  1. In Server Explorer, right-click the JES-enabled enterprise server, and select Show Catalog.

    The Catalog:<ES-name> tab is displayed.

  2. Double-click the catalog item to view.

    The DCB Details:<catalog-item> tab is displayed.

  3. Expand the Display section.

    The start of the contents is displayed.

  4. Use the following options to filter and encode the contents:
    • Start: select the first line of the item's contents to display.
    • Lines: select the number of subsequent lines to display from the start line.
    • Encoding: select the correct encoding of the contents.
    • Details: select this option to prepend the catalog item's details to the start of the display.
  5. If you have updated any of the above options, click Display to update the display.