How it works

Using the cobeslr utility, you can specify match criteria within an enterprise server region, that when met, will create a live recording file that can be replayed, for debugging purposes, in your Eclipse IDE. You can create multiple criteria for a region.

You can specify criteria for CICS, IMS, JCL, Web services and J2EE. For example, you can specify that you want to live record instances of a given web service that are started from a particular client machine; or you can live record a certain CICS transaction whenever it is run.

Once specified, these criteria remain in place for the lifespan of the region, or until you remove them, either from the Dyn.Debug ESMAC page or by using the cobeslr utility.

To ensure that matching criteria produce a live recording file (.mfr file), dynamic debugging must be enabled for the enterprise server region, and the application's dictionary files (.idy files) must also have been deployed. Live recording files are created in the System Directory of the enterprise server region. More than one recording file may be created, depending on the type of criteria; for example, criteria set for when a CICS transaction is run may be met multiple times, leading to multiple recording files being created.

Live recording files include the SEP, task, and PID details in the file name to ensure it is unique, and to help you identify a particular recording if many are created.