Set Up the ESAACT Enterprise Server Region

Provides step-by-step instructions that guide you through the creation and configuration of the ESAACT enterprise server region on which to run the AACT application.
Restriction: This topic applies to Windows environments only.

To successfully run your new AACT application, you must first create a new enterprise server region configured for Mainframe Subsystem Support, and with Assembler enabled.

Create the ESAACT enterprise server region

  1. In Eclipse, open the Server Explorer view.

    If the Server Explorer view is not visible, click Window > Show View > Server Explorer.

  2. In the Server Explorer view, expand Local [localhost:10086] and right-click Default []
  3. Click New > Enterprise Server.

    This opens the New Enterprise Server dialog box.

  4. In the Name field, type ESAACT.
    Note: At some point in the process of creating a new enterprise server region, you might be prompted to provide connection details by an Enterprise Server Sign On dialog box. This is a standard security dialog box. Click OK without specifying any sign-on details. Also, if prompted to disable password recovery, click No.
  5. Click Browse next to the Template field.

    This opens the Select template file dialog box. The default location of the Enterprise Server templates shipped with Enterprise Developer is in %ProgramFiles(x86)%\Micro Focus\Enterprise Developer\etc\ServerTemplates.

  6. Click CICSTemplate.xml, and click Open.

    This template creates an enterprise server with Mainframe Subsystem Support configured for CICS.

  7. In the Associate with projects field, check AACT to associate the new enterprise server region with the AACT project.
  8. Click Finish to create the server.

    Server Explorer refreshes the Default [] node to display the ESAACT server.

Configure the ESAACT enterprise server region in ESCWA

Start Enterprise Server Common Web Administration (ESCWA)

See To Start ESCWA for more information on starting ESCWA.

Set general properties
  1. In ESCWA, click NATIVE.
  2. In the navigation pane, click Directory Servers > Default > ESAACT.
  3. Click Edit on the row for ESAACT.

    This opens the GENERAL PROPERTIES page for the ESAACT server where you can set the ES_MFASM_SUPPORT environment variable, which enables Assembler for CICS regions.

  4. In the Configuration Information field, type:
  5. Optionally, you can add a description for the ESAACT enterprise server region. To do this, in the Description field, type a description of the new enterprise server. For example, Assembler AACT Tutorial.
  6. To save the changes, click APPLY.
Configure the TN3270 listener
The endpoint address for the TN3270 listener defines the port number used when you connect to the enterprise server region using the Rumba+ TN3270 emulator.
  1. Click GENERAL > Listeners.
  2. Expand Communications Process 1 and click TN3270.
  3. In the Hostname or IP Address field, type *.
  4. In the Port field, type 9004.
  5. Click APPLY.
Set Assembler properties
The template you used to create the ESAACT enterprise server region sets properties for CICS applications. You need to reset these properties for Assembler applications.
  1. Click CICS > Configuration.
  2. In the System Initialization Table field, type ASMSIT.
  3. In the Resource Definition File Path field, specify the location of your dfhdrdat resource definition file:


  4. In the Transaction Path field, type $BASE\loadlib
  5. In the File Path field, type $BASE\loadlib
  6. In the Map Path field, replace the existing path with $BASE\loadlib.
  7. Click APPLY.