Other definitions for example 1

The copybook, lixmlall.cpy, should be included in the Working-Storage Section of the program.

The copybook, lixmldef.cpy, which is copied in by lixmlall.cpy , defines a data item named XML-data-group. The content of this COBOL data item is as follows:
01 XML-data-group.
 03 XML-Status PIC S9(4) COMP-5.
 88 XML-IsSuccess VALUE XML-Success.
 88 XML-OK VALUE XML-WarningLimit
 THROUGH XML-StatusNonFatal.
 88 XML-IsDirectoryEmpty
 VALUE XML-InformDirectoryEmpty.
 03 XML-Status-Edited PIC +9(4).
 03 XML-StatusText PIC X(80).
 03 XML-MoreFlag PIC X COMP-X VALUE 0.
 88 XML-NoMore VALUE 0.
 03 XML-UniqueID PIC X(40).
 03 XML-Flags PIC X(4) COMP-X.
 03 XML-COBOL-Version PIC X(4) COMP-X VALUE 12. *>Used by XMLSetVersion
 03 XML-XMLIF-Version PIC X(4) COMP-X VALUE 0. *>Set by XMLSetVersion

Various XML statements may access one of more fields of this data item. For example, the XML EXPORT FILE statement returns a value in the XML-Status field. The XML GET STATUS-TEXT statement accesses the XML-StatusText and XML-MoreFlag fields.