Setting Data View Properties

Restriction: This topic applies only when the AppMaster Builder AddPack has been installed, and applies only to Windows platforms.

AppMaster Builder provides options that you can set to affect AMB behavior as you work with specific data views. Some options affect how AMB adds certain types of data source, and some affect how AMB generates a data view. You should review the available options and set them as required before adding sources to a data view. For instructions, see To set data view properties.

DDI IMS DB options
You can set a data view option that enables AMB to add an independent, specific DDI IMS DB source file simultaneously along with DDI IMS DB source referenced by your DBD source.
Eclipse Mainframe COBOL project option
You can set an option to automatically add your IMS data source files to a specified Eclipse Mainframe COBOL project when you generate a data view.
SQL options
You can set the following options to affect how AMB handles SQL data views:
  • Allow mixed case in your SQL tables, or not.
  • Whether or not AppMaster Builder automatically generates a REDEFINES statement for any copybook field whose corresponding SQL field is a DATE, TIME, or TIMESTAMP.
  • Identify the doube-byte character set to use in DBCS PICTURE clauses.
  • Change the default SQL target database from HCO (DB2) to the Micro Focus SQL Option for DB2 target.