Compiling and Calling JVM COBOL Applications as Part of a Package

The mfjarprogmap utility enables you to create a Java property file that is required for the JVM COBOL run-time system to locate called programs that have been compiled as part of a package.

Without the Java property file generated by this utility, the run-time system cannot locate programs when called if they are compiled as part of a package; that is, compiled with the ILNAMESPACE Compiler directive. The property file contains a list of programs, and maps them to their packaged locations.

You can configure the run-time system to locate this Java property file by ensuring it is on the CLASSPATH (as shown in example 1), or by calling the .jar file that contains it directly from COBOL (as shown in example 2).

For full syntax available in the production of the Java property file, refer to Producing a Java Property File.