Compatibility Options

The compatibility options enable you to control the compatibility with certain other COBOL systems.

The following compiler options are supported in Enterprise Developer when using ccbl (Windows) or ccbl32 and ccbl64 (UNIX) from the command line or the ACUOPT Compiler directive. 1

Option Definition
-Ca This option causes simple ACCEPT and DISPLAY statements to be treated in accordance with ANSI semantics. Specifying this option is the same as specifying FROM CONSOLE for all simple ACCEPT statements and UPON CONSOLE for all simple DISPLAY statements. You can control this behavior for individual ACCEPT or DISPLAY statements by specifying an explicit FROM/UPON phrase.
-Ci This option sets the compiler to be compatible with ICOBOL for certain COBOL constructs.
-Cr This option sets the compiler to RM/COBOL compatibility mode.
-Cv This option sets the compiler to IBM DOS/VS compatibility mode.