Specifying non-default link options in the IDE

Note: This applies only to native code.

For situations where you need to specify link options that are not available on the build configuration Link page in your project's properties, you can use the Link Command Line Override field to specify a non-default link command.

Important: The command you specify in this field overrides any other settings that are selected on the Link page.
  1. Navigate to the project’s properties and click Micro Focus > Build Configurations > Link.
  2. In the Link Command Line Override field, enter the non-default link options.

You must specify the entire link command, typically using the cbllink (Windows) or cob (UNIX/Linux) command.

The following ant variables are available for use:

${objectfile} ${destdir}  ${destfile}  ${entrypoint}  ${dllext} ${exeext} ${additionalOptions}

The following is an example override command:

cob -x -e ${destfile} -o ${destfile} ${objectfile}

If the link command is to create an output from a number of object files, you need to specify each file explicitly, each being prefixed with the base directory and explicit output folder: