Developer: My Application Uses PL/I

  1. Start Eclipse and open the Team Developer perspective which is the default one for Enterprise Developer. You can also choose the PL/I perspective.
  2. Configure Eclipse for PL/I development.

    The default settings in Enterprise Developer are settings aimed at Mainframe Subsystem Application development. You can check and fine-tune settings for the editor and for setting Compiler directives from Window > Preferences > Micro Focus.

  3. Create a PL/I Mainframe Subsystem Application project.
  4. Add your source files.
  5. Set Compiler directives on the source files.
  6. Specify project and build configuration properties.

    For example, you can specify a CICS and SQL preprocessor settings, and DLI settings.

  7. Edit the PL/I, and BMS files.
  8. Build your application.
  9. Debug your application - Enterprise Developer comes with a testing environment for applications that run in Enterprise Server.

Further, to get familiar with the process of developing PL/I applications in Enterprise Developer, Micro Focus recommends that you check the following: