COBOL JVM Projects - Known Issues

Adding Projects to the Java Build Path

If a project you add to the Java build path of a COBOL JVM project has its default output folder set to its root and not a sub-folder, you will get errors when building the COBOL JVM project.

To avoid this problem, add the project output folder as a sub-folder.

Compiling large programs

When compiling a large program within a JVM COBOL project, the following compiler error message might occur:

COBCH0015S Procedure division too large

JVM COBOL compiles a COBOL program to Java byte code. The byte code is organized into methods, which have a maximum size of 65,535 (216 - 1) bytes. This error occurs because the COBOL compiler is unable to keep methods below the maximum size limit due to the size and complexity of the program. The program must be changed to avoid the methods reaching the size limit.

Reaching the size limit can result from overlapping perform ranges. Compile your program with the ILSHOWPERFORMOVERLAP compiler directive and examine the error messages to see why perform ranges overlap. Resolving the overlap problems can resolve this issue.

Note: If the program is compiled with "PERFORM-TYPE(OSVS) STICKY-PERFORM" directives, then the only solution might be to split the program into smaller sub-programs.

Editing Remote JRE Settings

If you are developing a remote COBOL JVM project, problems can occur if you use a remote JRE and change its settings in the project's JVM Build Path dialog box.