VTAMLST Definitions

Copy member MFAVTAM to vtamlst. This application major node definition contains APPL definitions for Mainframe Access server, Mainframe Access Data Connect server and Remote IMS Server. Use the z/OS VARY command to activate the definition:

  • If you change any ACBNAME= values or the PRTCT= value in the MFAVTAM sample you must make corresponding changes:
    • in member MFAXML (if ACBNAME=MFM62ACB is changed)
    • in member MFAXML (if PRTCT=MFM62PSW is changed)
    • in member MFAS (if ACBNAME=MFA62ACB is changed)
  • You will want to add MFAVTAM into the vtamlst (ATCCONxx) member so that this application major node is automatically activated during VTAM initialization.