Mainframe Access is the OS/390 and z/OS server for Micro Focus development environments. It is a common component providing access to host resources for environments. One installation of Mainframe Access can support all of these products, providing connectivity to any number of DB2, IMS, and CICS systems located anywhere in an enterprise. It can also provide access to JES facilities, VSAM data sets, non-VSAM data sets, and data controlled by external library management products such as Panvalet, Librarian and Endevor.

Note: Mainframe Access is supported on z/OS and OS/390 environments. Unless specifically stated otherwise, references to z/OS also apply to OS/390.

Mainframe Access is data and transaction middleware that exploits the best features of workgroup and enterprise architectures. Micro Focus client programs can achieve the same performance levels, security, and data integrity that native mainframe applications deliver. The technology requires no changes to existing mainframe security, database, and transaction processing systems.

Mainframe Access provides access to:

The figure below illustrates the relationships between Mainframe Access, its client systems and the z/OS services it provides.

Mainframe Access Architecture