Note: Before you uninstall the product, ensure that the Enterprise Server instances and the Micro Focus Directory Service (MFDS) are stopped.

To uninstall this product:

  1. Execute as root the Uninstall_EnterpriseDeveloper7.0.sh script in the $COBDIR/bin directory.
Note: The installer creates separate installations for the product and for Micro Focus License Administration. Uninstalling the product does not automatically uninstall the Micro Focus License Administration or the prerequisite software. To completely remove the product you must uninstall the Micro Focus License Administration as well.

To uninstall Micro Focus License Administration:

  1. Execute as root the UnInstallMFLicenseServer.sh script in the /var/microfocuslicensing/bin directory.

    The script does not remove some of the files as they contain certain system settings or licenses.

You can optionally remove the prerequisite software. For instructions, check the documentation of the respective software vendor.