Set Up the ReverseJSON Project

Guides you through the steps required to import the ReverseJSON project used in this tutorial to generate a CICS Web service.
  1. From the Eclipse main menu, click File > Import.
  2. Expand General, and select Existing Projects into Workspace; then click Next.
  3. Click Select root directory, then browse to the %PUBLIC%\Documents\Micro Focus\Enterprise Developer\Samples\Mainframe\CICS\Classic\CWS\JSON\Provider\TopDown directory; then click Select Folder.
  4. On the Projects list, ensure that ReverseJSON is checked.
  5. Under Options, check Copy projects into workspace; then click Finish.

    The Application Explorer now shows the ReverseJSON project, which is created in a ReverseJSON subdirectory of your current Eclipse workspace, and is built automatically.