Import your RM/COBOL Source Code

Import one or more of your source files into the project.
Note: You may use your own source code, but for this tutorial we are going to use the sample RM/COBOL program listed in Appendix A - RM/COBOL source file.
  1. Open a plain-text editor, copy and paste the sample code in Appendix A - RM/COBOL source file into a new document.
  2. Save the file with a .cbl extension.
  3. Drag the file into Eclipse, and drop it on the project name when the cursor changes to The Cursor Drop icon (Windows) or The Cursor Drop icon (UNIX).

    The File Operation dialog box appears.

  4. Ensure Copy Files is selected (so that a copy of the original file is created in the project, and not simply a link to the original file inserted), then click OK. A copy of the file is added to the project, and if your environment is set to build automatically, the project is compiled.