Changes the TIME OUT FOR CONNECTION parameter value without you having to stop and restart Mainframe Access. The n parameter is the number of minutes that a client connection can remain idle after which the connection will be broken and Mainframe Access resources dedicated to the client will be released. Resources that are released when an idle client is disconnected include allocated storage, TCP/IP resources and LU6.2 conversations to target servers such as DB2, IMS, CICS and Mainframe Access Data Connect. Specify 0 (zero) to disable the client timeout feature and allow unlimited idle time.

If you use the SET TIMEOUT command to establish a new timeout value, rather than RESET TIMEOUT, then when a Mainframe Access client subsequently starts up, Mainframe Access' connection timeout is disabled, and only the inactivity timeout period specified by the Mainframe Access client is in effect.

Here is an example of a SET TIMEOUT command and the response:

MFM0015I: Timeout parameter set to 20