Build and Run the Project

By default, Eclipse is set to build projects automatically (see Project menu). If there are any problems, check the Problems window: errors for the project show the name of your imported .cbl source file in the Resource column. Double-click an entry to jump to the particular area of the code in error.

To run the application from Eclipse, you need to create a launch configuration.

  1. Right-click your project in the COBOL Explorer view and select Run As > Run Configurations.

    The Run Configurations dialog box appears.

  2. Double-click COBOL Application.

    Default launch configuration details for your project are displayed.

  3. Click Run.

    The following appears:

    Sample output showing text with foreground color blue, background color cyan, foreground color magenta, foreground color green, and background color brown

  4. Press any key to end the application.
This concludes the tutorial in which we have created an Enterprise Developer project, configured it to be highly compatible with RM/COBOL source code, and then run a small RM/COBOL program.