Connecting to secure servers

Using the Rumba Mainframe Display view, you may be required to connect to a server secured using the TLS/SSL protocols; securing a server in this manner is covered in greater detail in Secure Communications (SSL).

Servers configured in such a way require additional configuration when connecting via the Rumba Mainframe Display view. You require the CA certificate, a .p12/.pfx certificate file (which contains the server certificate, any intermediate certificates, and the private key), and if specified, the client password.

The CA certificate(s) for all your required connections must be stored in the following location on your client machine:

C:\Users\<user-name>\Documents\Micro Focus\RUMBA\Java\SSL\Server

You can check the CA certificates installed on your machine from Window > Preferences > Micro Focus > Enterprise Server > TN3270 and then click Open Folder in the Embedded TN3270 TLS/SSL Security section, which opens the above folder.

The client-side files and password (if set) are configured within each connection, along with some other optional settings to test the validity of the certificate chain; see Connecting to the host.

Note: If you export the connection details of a secured server, the path details to the certificates are exported as is; you will most likely need to update the path on the TN3270 Connection Properties dialog box if importing the connection on another machine. Certificate passwords are not included in the export process.