Enabling CTF to Trace RM/COBOL Data Files

Enable the Micro Focus Consolidated Tracing Facility (CTF) to trace activity with your RM/COBOL data files.

To enable CTF:

  • Set the following environment variables:

    set MFTRACE_CONFIG=ctf.cfg
    set MFTRACE_LOGS=pathname   *> if not set, logs are stored in the current folder.
  • In ctf.cfg, set the following:

    mftrace.dest                = textfile
    mftrace.level.mf.rts        = info
    mftrace.comp.mf.rts#eprintf = true
  • Set the following environment variable:
    set A_CONFIG=rmfm.cfg    *> rmfm is your RMFM configuration file
  • In rmfm.cfg, set the following:

    FILE_TRACE 3   *> values 0-9 set amount of activity traced.

When you run your program, a log-file is produced that includes the activity with the RM/COBOL data files.

For more information on CTF, see Introduction to the Consolidated Tracing Facility.