Developing Applications in the Team Developer Perspective (Technology Preview)

Restriction: This topic applies only when the AppMaster Builder AddPack has been installed, and applies only to Windows platforms.
Note: This is a technology preview feature only. It is being made available to allow you to test and provide feedback on this new capability; however, this feature is not intended for production use and it is not supported as such.

The process of developing applications using AMB in the Team Developer Perspective is very much the same as when using the AppMaster Builder perspective, but with the following differences:

AppMaster Builder Perspective Team Developer Perspective
Provides the traditional Application View and Database View via the Project Explorer and Database View Explorer tabs respectively. Provides the traditional Application View via the Application Explorer tab, but does not provide access to the traditional Database View.
Does not provide access to Endevor mainframe datasets. Provides full access to Endevor mainframe datasets via the AMB Endevor Interface. See AMB Endevor Interface for details. (Technology Preview)
Supports drag and drop within the Project Explorer. Does not support drag and drop.
Supports Find in Application(s) from the Project Explorer. Does not support Find in Application(s).
Provides tooltips in the Project Explorer. Does not provide tooltips.
Provides toolbar icons for quick access to the following:
  • Start/Stop AppMaster Builder Server
  • AppMaster Builder Console view
  • Job Queue view
  • AppMaster Builder preferences page
No toolbar icons are provided; however, all functions are available via context or main menu options.

You are not limited to using one perspective at a time. You can load your AppMaster Builder project into both the AppMaster Builder and the Team Developer perspectives simultaneously and toggle between the two from Eclipse. Updates made in either perspective are reflected in the other.

The AMB in the Team Developer Perspective feature is delivered as part of an Application Workflow Manager (AWM) attachment. Before you can use it, you must install the AMB Attachment on your local machine. See Workflow Manager AMB Attachment for details.