Advantages of Upgrading to Enterprise Developer

Enterprise Developer offers numerous enhancements and a modern IDE that offers advantages such as:

Improved productivity
This is achieved through:
  • Using the very latest technology of integrated development environments (IDEs) in a powerful IDE.
  • Fast and easy customization with major source control systems, simplifying integration with existing development lifecycle leading to higher developer acceptance and productivity gains.
  • Providing the tools to allow you to edit, compile, debug, execute and test COBOL applications on all supported Micro Focus UNIX and Linux environments. One development tool can now meet your development requirements today and in the future.
  • Enabling cross-language application development which results in better quality and increased competitiveness.
  • Full control of the development activities directly on the mainframe through the Eclipse IDE to edit, execute, debug and unit test applications.
  • Achieving faster time to market.
Improved efficiency
(COBOL only)
Improve efficiency when performing day-to-day development activities, enabling access to Eclipse, smart editor, instantaneous compilations, advanced test and debugging capabilities.
Addressing of the COBOL skills shortage
Using COBOL from within a standard IDE helps reduce the gap between the COBOL and Java or C# developers by providing a unifying, collaborative and dynamic development environment. Non-COBOL developers can quickly and easily adapt to the COBOL language, and get up to speed in no time.

For a full list of the advantages of using Enterprise Developer, see the Enterprise Developer data sheet and white papers on the Micro Focus Web site.