Fileshare defaults to using the TCP/IP (CCITCP) protocol. If you are running both the Fileshare server and the Fileshare client on the same Windows system you can use an alternative connection protocol that utilises shared memory: CCISM.

Shared Memory transfers are usually faster than using TCP/IP between two processes.

To configure a Fileshare server to use the CCISM protocol, use the following option:

fs -cm ccism

To give the best performance, we also recommend that you start the Fileshare server with the /sc option (synchronous communications mode).

You can combined multiple communications methods for the Fileshare server, as follows:

fs -cm ccism –cm ccitcp

Unfortunately, you cannot run multiple protocols on a Fileshare server that is running in synchronous mode.

To configure a Fileshare client to use CCISMEM, you must use the following line in your FHREDIR.CFG configuration file:

/CM ccism
Note: When using CCISMEM, the /MA parameter in FHREDIR.CFG has no effect.

Many configuration options exist for CCISMEM, details of these can be found in the comments within the CCI.INI configuration file.