RIMS Service Parameters

If an IMS Option client request does not specify a target server ID or the specified target server ID does not exist, Mainframe Access selects the DEFAULT IMS target server, if one has been defined. This IMS target server ID name is used in the configuration of the client. When a Remote IMS request is sent this name is sent in the request data and is used to locate the target server definition for the IMS system that will receive the request. Specify DEFAULT or an ID of up to four alphanumeric characters.
The LU name of the IMS server (also known as the ACBNAME or VTAM APPLID). Specify an LU name of up to eight characters. This name must match the ACBNAME defined in an APPC/MVS LU definition for the target IMS system.
The SNA log mode name that will be used by Mainframe Access to indirectly specify SNA session parameters when Mainframe Access initiates sessions with the IMS server. Specify a log mode name for LU6.2 sessions of up to eight characters. This log mode name must be present in the VTAM log mode table available to Mainframe Access. IBM's default log mode table, ISTINCLM, typically provides several standard log modes that can be used by Mainframe Access, including both IBMRDB and #INTER LU6.2 log modes.
The IMS server transaction program name for IMS Option transactions. This is the LU6.2 transaction program name that will be sent to the IMS server in SNA Attach FMH-5 requests to begin an IMS Option transaction. Specify the APPC/MVS transaction program name that was specified in the APPC/MVS definitions during installation of Remote IMS.
The SNA LU6.2 sync level option to be used on conversations with the IMS server.
The security level to be indicated in SNA LU6.2 Attach FMH-5 requests sent to the IMS server. Mainframe Access forwards security subfield information as provided by the IMS Option client and sets the FMH-5 fields accordingly.