Fix Validation Warnings

  1. In the Micro Focus Data File Tools window, ensure you have a formatted data file open.
  2. Select the required record to edit, then click The Edit Record icon (Edit Record) to enter Edit mode.
    Tip: A record that has an invalid field displays The invalid record icon beside the name of the layout it is using in the layout pane.
  3. (optional) To re-initialize the field to a default value:
    1. Click the Value column for the required field.
    2. At the prompt, click Yes. The field is re-initialized to a default value, which depends on the picture definition.
  4. Click the current field value in the text box beneath the layout, then edit it accordingly.
  5. Edit the text in the bottom pane, then click The Save Record icon (Save Record).
    Tip: When editing records and fields, you can edit in Overwrite or Insert mode, which works much the same as it does on any conventional word processing package. Press Ins or Insert on your keyboard to toggle between the modes; the current mode (INS or OVR) is displayed in the status bar at the bottom of the screen.

    The record is updated, and if all fields are now valid, The valid record icon is displayed beside the name of the layout.