ES-MTO Service Parameters

The ID can be one to four characters in length and must match the SYSID of the ES/MSS server being defined. The initial connection messages exchanged by MFA Server and ES/MSS use this ID.
The name of the VTAM ACB associated with this ES/MSS server. MFA Server OPENs and initializes this ACBNAME during startup. The z/OS CICS system(s) must be configured to communicate with this ES/MSS server through this VTAM ACB name using CICS CONNECTION and SESSIONS definition statements.
The internet host name or IP address of the ES/MSS server. Specify either the host name that resolves to the correct IP address or the actual IP address in standard dotted-decimal format. The combination of IPADDRESS and PORT from this definition provides MFA Server with the information it needs to originate a socket connection to ES/MSS and to verify the authenticity of a socket connection request from ES/MSS.
The port number where ES/MSS is listening for ISC connections.
Specifies the number of concurrent conversations MFA Server can initiate to the ES/MSS server over a single socket connection. If ES/MSS has a different definition for the number of concurrent sessions, the session count is negotiated to a common value at the time a socket connection is established. Specify a value that supports the required number of concurrently active conversations for your application.
Specifies the maximum number of concurrent socket connections between MFA Server and the ES/MSS server. ES/MSS support is currently limited to a single socket connection between MFA Server and an ES/MSS server; therefore, specify a value of 1.