Source Options

The source options enable you to modify the way that the Compiler treats the physical source files.

The following compiler options are supported in Enterprise Developer when using ccbl (Windows) or ccbl32 and ccbl64 (UNIX) from the command line or the ACUOPT Compiler directive. 1

Option Definition
-Sa This causes the compiler to assume that the input source is in the standard ANSI source format.
-Sd Setting this option causes debugging lines marked with D in the indicator area to be treated as normal source lines instead of comment lines. This is equivalent to supplying the phrase WITH DEBUGGING MODE in the SOURCE-COMPUTER paragraph.
-Sp With this option you can specify a series of directories to be searched when the compiler is looking for COPY libraries. This option is followed (as the next separate argument) by the set of directories to search.
-St This option forces the compiler to use the terminal source format.
-S1..-S9 Specifying a digit with -S uses alternate tab stops in source files. When this option is used, tabs will be set every # columns apart, where # is the number specified. For example, -S4 will set tab stops at every fourth column. Tab stops always start in column 1.