Mainframe Access Data Sets

Following the UpQuick instructions from the installation package, you should have already completed the upload and restore of the Mainframe Access data sets. During that process you selected a high level qualifier to be used for all of your Mainframe Access data sets. This guide refers to the qualifier that you selected as <hlq> or hlq. The data sets that you restored are listed in the following table:

Data Set Description
hlq.MFA.CNTL Samples for Mainframe Access server. These include JCL for jobs to be run, JCL for started task procedures and parameter files. The members in this data set are referred to frequently in these configuration instructions.
hlq.CUSTOM.CNTL Used to store customized JCL.
hlq.CUSTOM.EXEC Used to store customized REXX execs.
hlq.CUSTOM.MASTER Used to store customized MFA TSO master configuration file.
hlq.CUSTOM.SKELS Used to store customized skeletons.
hlq.CUSTOM.XML Used to store customized models.
hlq.MFA.EXEC Contains REXX execs used for MFA TSO support, and includes AWM functions.
hlq.MFA.LOADLIB The load module library for Mainframe Access server that needs to be APF authorized.
hlq.MFA.MASTER MFA TSO master configuration file.
hlq.MFA.MFAVCTL Dynamic allocation control file.
hlq.MFA.MSGS MFA TSO ISPF message library belonging to the ISPF applications in EXEC.
hlq.MFA.OSR Optimized schema representation used for internal XML validation.
hlq.MFA.RIMS Product source and object files that you may need during setup of the Remote IMS Server feature.
hlq.MFA.SAMPLIB MFA TSO Sample programs.
hlq.MFA.SKELS MFA TSO skeleton library belonging to the ISPF applications in EXEC.
hlq.MFA.TABLES Compression tables used by Mainframe Access server.
hlq.MFA.XML MFA TSO sample models, for example, PDS Explorer.