Filter the spool queue

Use these steps to filter the jobs displayed in the current view. The jobs that are filtered out are not deleted; they are just hidden from view until you reset the filter.

  1. In Server Explorer, right-click the JES-enabled enterprise server, and select Show Spool.

    The Spool:<ES-name> tab is displayed.

  2. Click Spool filter icon (Apply a filter...). The Spool Filter dialog box is displayed.
  3. Filter by one of the following aspects:
    • Filter by specific job details: complete the Name, User, and/or Job ID fields to filter on specific details.
    • Filter by output type: select the required output type to display.
    • Filter by queue type: select one or more of the queue types to display.
    • Filter by date/time: specify a date/time range in the Filter on time section.

    You can also sort the filtered entries by one of the following aspects in the Sort By section: Job ID, Name, Submitted. By default, these are sorted in ascending order; click Descending to reverse the order.

  4. Click Apply and Close.

    The filter is applied. To remove the filter, click Spool filter icon again, then select Reset and Apply and Close.