Upload the software

In the instructions that follow, the information that you must provide is shown as one of the variable names from the table of information in the previous section. For example, if your high-level qualifier (hlq) value is MY.MFA, then substitute MY.MFA for hlq.

To load Mainframe Access Server:

  1. Download the installation file from the link in your Electronic Delivery Receipt email and extract its contents to a directory on the PC.
  2. On the mainframe, allocate a new partitioned data set named hlq.UPLOAD to receive the uploaded files. Use the following data set characteristics for this upload library:
    	DSORG=PO                   <=== PDS (partitioned data set)
    	RECFM=FB                   <=== record format fixed and blocked
    	LRECL=80                   <=== 80 character record size
    	BLKSIZE=3120               <=== 3120 character block size
    	SPACE=(3120,(3500,500,50)) <=== allocate blocks (BLKS) size 3120
                                    		3500 primary blocks
                                    		500 secondary blocks
                                    		50 directory blocks
  3. On the PC, issue the following FTP commands. The actual text of the FTP prompts and responses that you see may differ slightly from those shown in this example:
    1. Start FTP:
      Connected to your.mainframe.name.
      220-FTPD1 IBM FTP CS/390 VxRy at YOUR.MAINFRAME.NAME, hh:mm:ss
      220 Connection will close if idle for more than 5 minutes.
      User (your.mainframe.name:(none)): userid
      331 Send password please.
      Password: pswd
      230 userid is logged on. Working directory is "userid.".
    2. Change the working directory on the mainframe to be the upload library that you allocated:
      ftp> cd 'hlq.UPLOAD'
      250 The working directory "hlq.UPLOAD" is a partitioned data set.
    3. Set file transfer type to binary:
      ftp> binary
      200 Representation type is Image
    4. Set FTP prompting off to transfer all files without interruption:
      ftp> prompt
      Interactive mode Off.
    5. Transfer all files from the extracted \Upload directory to members in the hlq.UPLOAD library:
      ftp> mput drive:\upload\*
      200 Port request OK.
      125 Storing data set hlq.UPLOAD(Xxxxxxxx)
      250 Transfer completed successfully.		
      ftp: xxxx bytes sent in x.xx seconds (xxx.xx Kbytes/sec)
    6. When mput has transferred all files the ftp> prompt appears. End the FTP connection:
      ftp> quit
      221 Quit command received. Goodbye.
    7. On the mainframe, verify that all files transferred successfully and that for each xxxxxxxx file in the \Upload directory there is a corresponding member in the hlq.UPLOAD data set. There should be 20 members.