Appendix C: XML Extensions error messages

This appendix lists and describes the messages that can be generated during the use of XML Extensions.

Error message format

XML Extensions error messages may be several lines long. The general format of an error message includes the text of the message, and, if available, the COBOL traceback information, the name of the file or data item, and the parser information.

Message Text

The first line of the error message has the following format:

<severity> - <message number> <message text>
  • Severity indicates the gravity and type of message: Informative, Warning, or Error.
  • Message number is the documented message number followed by an internal message number in bracket characters. The internal number provides information for technical support to use in diagnosing problems.
  • Message text is a brief explanation for the cause of the error.

An example of the first line of an error message is shown below:

Error: 28[12] - in function: LoadDocument

COBOL Traceback Information

The second line of the error message, present if the information is available, contains COBOL traceback information such as the following:

Called from line 421 in TEST15.COB(C:\DEV\TEST15.COB), compiled 2003/05/14 09:42:06.

The error-reporting facility will try to break up lines that are too long for the line buffer provided in the COBOL program. This prevents long lines from being truncated. A backward slash character (\) is placed in the last position of the buffer and the line is continued on the subsequent line. For example, the traceback line shown above may be broken up as follows:

Called from line 421 in TEST15.COB(C:\DEV\TEST15.COB), co\

mpiled 2003/05/14 09:42:06.

Filename or Data Item in Error

The third line of the error message, present if the information is available, normally contains the name of the file or data item in error being referenced.

Parser Information

Note: This section applies to the Windows implementation of XML Extensions only.

Additional lines may be present that contain parser or schema diagnostics from the underlying XML parser, such as:

Error parsing 'a9' as number datatype. line 5, position 25 <ItemCount>a9</ItemCount> ----------- --|

The first line of parser or schema diagnostic information contains an error message. The second line contains the line number and column position within the XML document. The third line contains the line of XML text in error. The fourth line contains an indicator that draws attention to the column position.