Printer Exit Modules

Enterprise Server JCL support provides the capability to view and browse job and report output using a browser based SDSF-like spool viewer. It does not include any other output or document management software per se, but instead allows you to utilize printer exit modules to integrate its batch printing capabilities with other third-party or external print subsystems.

A printer exit module (often abbreviated as simply printer exit) is a program that you can associate with a batch printer Server Execution Process (SEP). Instead of the SEP writing the output directly to a printer, it passes the output to the specified printer exit module. The printer exit module can then process the output before printing it. You might, for example, write an exit to present figures using graphical elements such as pie charts.

You can specify a unique printer exit module for each batch printer SEP, which means that you can set up specialized output processing for each output class if you wish. Printer exit modules have full access to related OUTPUT statement information contained in the JCL including destination, copies, routing, and form definition.