Generating EXEC SQL Auxiliary Code

OpenESQL Assistant can generate the following types of EXEC SQL auxiliary code:

CONNECT Statement
Generates a CONNECT statement based on known information about your current data source connection.
Type 6 CONNECT Statement
Generates a type 6 CONNECT statement, allowing the application to connect to data sources that are not cataloged.
SQLCA Declaration
Generates an INCLUDE statement to include an SQL Communications Area (SQLCA) in your program.
Host Variable Declarations
For each table that you have selected, the OpenESQL Assistant generates a copybook that includes all of the host variable declarations you need. The OpenESQL Assistant can also generate the INCLUDE statement necessary to include the copybook in your program.
OpenESQL Assistant DISCONNECT Statement
Generates a DISCONNECT statement to disconnect from the current data source.
COMMIT Statement
Generates a COMMIT statement to commit changes to a data source issued from a previous SQL statement.
ROLLBACK Statement
Generates a ROLLBACK statement to rollback changes to a data source issued by a previous SQL statement or statements.
Generic SQL or PL/I Program
Generates a skeleton SQL or PL/I program, depending on the setting of the Output language option, that includes the INCLUDE SQLCA, CONNECT and DISCONNECT SQL statements and a default SQL error routine.
Note: When you have set your Output language option to PLI, OpenESQL Assistant generates auxiliary code identical to COBOL SQL auxiliary code with one exception. INCLUDE statements are generated as PL/I %INCLUDE rather than EXEC SQL INCLUDE.