Help on Help

The latest up-to-date Help is available on the Micro Focus Customer Support Documentation Web site. Alternatively, you can display the Help locally from the Help menu in the IDE, or from the Start menu.

Help in Eclipse

Enterprise Developer is configured to display the product help available online on the Micro Focus Customer Care website:

  • Click Help > Micro Focus > Product Documentation.
  • Alternatively, press F1 inside the editor or from a UI part.

    This opens a browser with the Enterprise Developer help.

See Viewing the Product Help in the installation notes for instructions about how to see the help locally.

COBOL Help within the IDE

Tips on getting Help on COBOL when using the IDE:

  • COBOL syntax, library routines and Compiler directives. In the COBOL editor, put the cursor anywhere within the reserved word, routine or directive, and then press F1.
  • Error messages. In the output pane, put the cursor on the error message number and press F1.
  • Tooltips. Hover over an item in the COBOL code or over a field or control, by leaving the mouse pointer on it for a moment. A brief description of it may be displayed, either beside it or at the bottom of the window.
Note: Context help in the IDE that is provided as context help files, .HLP, might not work on versions of Windows such as Vista or later. This is because .HLP files require the Windows Help Program (WinHlp32.exe) which is not available in these versions of Windows. You need to install the Windows Help Program separately - click here to download the program.

Release Notes

The Release Notes accompany major releases and updates. They are available from the Software Licenses and Downloads (SLD) site and your EPD email. On Windows, a link to the release notes is available from the startup screen during installation.
  1. Log into the Software Licenses and Downloads (SLD) site at .
  2. Select your account and click Downloads.
  3. Search for the product by using any of the available search parameters.

    All available downloads are displayed.

  4. Click Download in the Action column on the row for the product whose Release Notes you want to download.

The Release Notes include information about new features for the release, system requirements and installation instructions, known technical issues, information about the issues that are resolved in the current release, and any changes in behavior that could potentially affect existing applications.


This documentation includes two types of readmes:

  • Patch Update readmes contain information about issues that are resolved in a Patch Update, changes in behavior that could potentially affect existing applications, and any specific Patch Update installation procedures.
  • Samples' readmes contain information about how to install and execute a sample.

Unless otherwise stated, references to a "readme" will refer to a Patch Update readme.