To customize database calls in Online Express

Restriction: This topic applies only when the AppMaster Builder AddPack has been installed, and applies only to Windows platforms.
  1. In Online Express, click File > Database Access. The Database Access Summary window appears.
  2. Click the call you want to customize, and click Database Access > Call Tailoring. The Database Call Tailoring Browser appears.
  3. In the Database Action column, double-click a database action. The DB Call Tailoring Editor appears.
  4. Click the event you want to customize.
  5. From the Action drop-down list, click the action you want to perform.
  6. In the Argument field, type the appropriate argument for the event.
  7. Do one of the following:
    • For Global Code, User Rule, or Perform, click Action/Event > Edit Misc User Code and type the code into your editor.
    • For Local Code, click Edit Code and type the code into your editor.
  8. Save the code and exit the editor.
  9. If you want to override the default Error flag processing:
    1. In the Status Matrix group using the drop-down list provided for each flag, change a default status flag from Normal or Error to Exception.
    2. Follow steps 4 through 8 of this procedure for the Exeption Status event and code your own error routine.
    3. If you want to prevent the Error flag from aborting the program, uncheck Abort On Error.
  10. If you want to override the Online Express-generated error messages that show which type of call failed and which record caused the failure:
    1. In the Error Message field, either type a text message or a rule name.
    2. From the Error Message Type drop-down list, click either Text or Rule, depending on what you typed in the Error Message field.
  11. Click Apply to save your call customizations.
Note: Be sure when you specify Global Code or a User Rule that the code or the rule appears as an object on the Project Explorer in your Globals folder.