To qualify VSAM multiple-key fields in Online Express

Restriction: This topic applies only when the AppMaster Builder AddPack has been installed, and applies only to Windows platforms.
  1. In Online Express, define a VSAM call as outlined in the topic To define a VSAM call in Online Express, but do not qualify the call. Be sure you have an Obtain database action defined in the call.
  2. Return to the Database Access Summary window.
  3. On the Database Access Summary window, click the call, then click Database Access > Call Tailoring. The Database Call Tailoring Browser window appears.
  4. On the Database Actions list, double-click Obtain. The Database Call Tailoring Editor appears.
  5. In the Action field next to the Before DB Access event, click Local Code from the drop-down list, and click Edit Code. The Program Painter appears.
  6. Write local code to move elementary field values to group-level fields. Online Express automatically executes the local code at this event, before the call executes. For information on writing local code, see Local Program Code.
  7. Save the code when complete, and exit the Program Painter.
  8. Click Database Access > Qualification. The Qualification window appears.
  9. To qualify the key field, click = from the Operator drop-down list, and type the group-level qualification value field in the Value field.
Note: As an alternative to steps 5 and 6, at the Before DB Access event you can execute global code or invoke a User Rule. See Global Program Code and User-Defined Rules for more information.