Translating Other Directives

The #error directive can be followed by any comment on the directive line. If you have specified the -C option to the H2cpy command, the Header-to-copy utility displays the entire line on the screen and lists it in the output file.

The #pragma directives are ignored, except for the Microsoft C pragma for packing structure or union members, which modifies the default alignments of C types. A directive of the form:

#pragma pack(n)

where the value of n is 1, 2 or 4, aligns any following structure or union members to 1,2 or 4-byte boundaries. The default alignments can be reinstated by a directive of the form:

#pragma pack()

The default alignments can be modified by the -e or -a options of the H2cpy command; see the Command-line Options topic for details.

The #pragma push directive stores the current alignment on a stack; #pragma pop restores the alignment from the stack.

The pack pragma is ignored if both the -M and -O options of the H2cpy command are specified.

The Header-to-copy utility ignores any other line which has a hash (#) character in the first character position.