Controls IMS DB calls.
Restriction: This topic applies only when the AppMaster Builder AddPack has been installed, and applies only to Windows platforms.

File Contents:

Edit APIMSIN to control the following information in IMS DB calls:

  • Prologue generation.
  • EJECTs.
  • Color, Blink, Reverse Video, Underscore switches.
  • System Service Calls (IM-STAT, IM-LOG, IM-ROLL, IM-ROLB).
  • GSAM RSA calls.
  • DB-PROCESS call loop limit flag, &VS-IMS-LOOP-MAX (default 100); you can change the limit number or disable the check for the limit.
  • Generation of calls to the A1MVCL run-time module. The value of the Customizer control variable &CODE-A1MVCL-INLINE controls whether the Customizer generates calls to the A1MVCL run-time module to move blocks of data to a target location from a source location or generates inline COBOL MOVE statements instead.
    Value Generates
    Not defined Calls to A1MVCL
    NO Calls to A1MVCL (default)
    YES Inline COBOL MOVE statements
    Note: You can specify a value for &CODE-A1MVCL-INLINE in this CNTL file or define &CODE-A1MVCL-INLINE and its value within a program. If you define &CODE-A1MVCL-INLINE and its value within a program, the value specified in the program overrides the value specified in APIMSIN.