DLG Compatibility with IMS DC, CICS

The following calls improve communication between DLG and other DC targets.
Restriction: This topic applies only when the AppMaster Builder AddPack has been installed, and applies only to Windows platforms.
NTRY You can list explicit data areas; this allows flexibility in passing data areas between programs.
TP-COMMAREA Not required to pass data areas between programs, but is supported for upward compatibility.
SEND Provided for upward compatibility; does not invoke a program. Use LINK to invoke a program that displays a screen.
TP-LINKAGE Provided for upward compatibility. This call is necessary for CICS to order the LINKAGE section properly, but DLG lets you locate user records in LINKAGE without coding TP-LINKAGE.

The PFKEY option allows PF key processing similar to AMB CICS and IMS with the Program-Controlled option when converting a AMB CICS or IMS application to DLG.