MFMDS035E QSAM abend Sxxx-yy

DSS has detected a QSAM failure and has directed QSAM to ignore the failure. The failure occurred while DSS was processing the file named in the associated message MFMDS031. Sxxx is the abend or system completion code and yy is the reason code. These codes are presented in hexadecimal format. Possible failures include:

Abend Reason Description
C37 4 Invalid extents found on end-of-volume
D37 4 No secondary space specified on this file, and the primary space has been entirely used. Reallocate the file to allow secondary extents or a larger primary extent.
E37 4 No secondary space was available on this volume, or the number of extents has already reached 16 for this file. Reallocate the file to use larger secondary extents or move the file to a different volume where space is available.