Tracing IMS Service Execution

You can trace IMS service execution using the Micro Focus Consolidated Tracing Facility (CTF).

The process of enabling tracing is a combination of setting the appropriate service interface properties in Enterprise Developer and then enabling CTF for the enterprise server region that runs your IMS service. Deployment and client generation are not affected.

Two service interface properties determine the level of trace information. They are:

Generate trace
Trace IMS service interface run-time information.
Enable system trace
Trace the service interface operation names. This can be especially useful to identify the last operation that executed before a failure.

Depending on the type of trace information you want to collect, set both or either of these properties to Yes.

In Enterprise Server, you first set the MFTRACE_CONFIG environment variable to point to the ctf.cfg configuration file; then enable CTF trace. Click here to go to the Micro Focus YouTube channel and view a video on how to enable CTF tracing in Enterprise Server.

The following is an example of the contents of a typical ctf.cfg file:             = 99999
mftrace.application                  = cassi
mftrace.dest                         = textfile
mftrace.emitter.textfile#Location    = c:\ctf
mftrace.level                        = debug              = true        = true         = true             = false             = false           = false         = true             = false              = true          = true        = false           = true           = true